iconrv1Train at the Studio

If you’re looking for fun and effective group fitness classes or one-on-one personal training programs in Nashville, stop by StudiO2 Performance today. We offer small group fitness classes for those who enjoy the social and emotional support of working out with others in an intimate 6-person training class, as well as customized personal training classes for those who prefer individual coaching and attention. Learn more about StudiO2 Performance online or contact us today to sign up for a fitness class!

Train Online

Don’t live in Nashville, no worries! S2 offers both nutrition and fitness programing to clients all over the world via our online training platform. We have worked with hundreds of executives and artists of stage and screen who travel extensively and require flexible, mobile programing which keeps them accountable and gets results. We’ve helped countless others who simply don’t have access to the level of sophistication offered by studiO2 in their area. Through daily email coaching, online video programing and one-on-one web chats we maximize touch points to keep you on track. S2 maintains relationships with testing facilities all over the world who offer body composition analysis, VO2 testing and substrate analysis, allowing us to track progress and individualize your programming just as we would here at our studio. If you’ve got access to a smart phone, with planning from S2, you have all the tools you need to get the results you deserve.

iconrv2Nutrition Coaching (powered by S2 Nutrition)

At StudiO2, we believe that 90 percent of your weight loss and fitness goals start in the kitchen. Unless you have an understanding of your body’s unique nutritional needs, there’s a good chance you are either over-indulging or under-indulging, which can make reaching your fitness goals nearly impossible. For this reason, Dr. Tiff has developed the S2 Nutrition protocol to provide customized nutrition coaching for our workout clients. When you work with our certified nutrition coaches, we’ll create a customized, science-based approach to shedding body fat and building lean muscle through maximizing your metabolism. Gone are the days of low-carb, low-calorie diets! Learn more about S2 Nutrition or contact us today to learn more!


Metabolic Testing

StudiO2 Performance in Nashville is proud to offer our fitness members S2 proprietary metabolic testing so they can burn fat more quickly and efficiently with every workout. When you visit our fitness center for metabolic testing, our personal trainers will be able to give you a complete metabolic blueprint in less than 15 minutes. We’ll ask you to to hop on a bike or treadmill and our personal trainers will gradually increase your speed, resistance and intensity to assess how your heart rate and respiration responds. Once we have your metabolic testing results, we’ll have all the information we need to help your body burn fat, build lean muscle and maximize your fitness performance. At StudiO2 Performance, we take the guesswork out of results through a variety of science-based training and fitness methods.

iconrv5Heart-Rate Training

We offer heart-rate training for all of our fitness clients so they know exactly how hard they are working with each and every workout. At StudiO2 Performance, we’ll use your Metabolic Test results to give you the exact heart rate zones for your unique fitness levels and performance goals. Each of our fitness members will be able to utilize a state-of-the-art Garmin Self Loops Heart Rate strap during their 30-minute HIIT class, group training and personal training classes. Each of these straps can be registered online, providing you with a personal dashboard for progress tracking and an interactive training experience. When you join StudiO2 in Nashville for a group or one-on-one training class, you’ll be able to monitor your live heart rate data in real time, so you always know how hard you’re working.

iconrv3The Half Hour HIIT

StudiO2 Performance is proud to be a leader of high intensity interval training classes in Nashville. Extensive fitness research suggests that high-intensity bouts of exercise offer metabolic and performance benefits that can give you a total body workout in half the time of a normal gym session. When you see just how effective our 30-minute interval-style HIIT training classes are, you’ll never go to the gym for 60 minutes of marathon cardio or heavy weight training again! Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, HIIT training is quickly ranking among the best types of workouts for fitness newbies and professional athletes alike. If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind high intensity interval training, you can learn more about it here.