Hi Y’all! I’m Dr. Tiff, and I will be your personal nutrition concierge. Every new S2 client start with a complimentary consult. It’s complimentary because this relationship is about trust, open communication and YOU. I want you to start this journey feeling 100% confident that it is the right fit before we go on a second date 🙂

During this consult, we will complete an in-depth review of personal goals, a baseline body composition analysis, and answer any questions you have regarding program details and timelines.

Once you decide S2 is right for you (and we know you will!) we will schedule a deep dive discovery where we really nail down the parameters of your custom nutrition coaching plan. This data will allow me to provide you a detailed macro (Carb/Fat/Protein) breakdown, meal suggestions and recipes, as well as set you up on the online coaching tool for logging your daily intake,, uploading documents and info, as well as communicating via secure messaging so all your data is safe and private.

0cc0c9_827c71bc8f3e472a90f675d721f707eeOnline Coaching and Feedback

Millions of people a year track their calories using an online journal or app. While logging alone increases awareness, personal accountability and consistency, S2 takes this process one step further. We use daily journals and meal patterns to coach every client on gradual adjustments in food sources, macro nutrient needs, spacing and timing. The end result is an ideal balance of nutrients for your body, your performance and your metabolism.

All clients will receive a minimum of two emails per week with personalized feedback and coaching based on their macro nutrient-based goals, and their daily log entries. If a client has additional questions, access Dr. Tiff is unlimited. Our goal is to help you reach yours. If that take daily communication and feedback then that is what you will get!

0cc0c9_251c8f4fc61e43fcaced4120e629eacaEducation and Lifestyle Management

We believe that relationships with coaches, other S2 clients, and access to local resources enhance any journey to change. Dr. Tiff and Stew offer monthly seminars and educational opportunities to supplement your personal fitness and nutritional programs.

  • Grocery Store Tours
  • YouTube Tutorials
  • Weekly Challenges and Motivation
  • Facebook Pages and Client interaction
  • In-House Seminars
  • Social Events