S2 Offers three unique classes throughout the week. All are 6-person-max capacity, and every day offers a unique program design built to create the most effective, efficient and results-driven line-up for every client. When combined and supplemented with our macro-based nutrition programming, your INNER ATHLETE awaits…


This is S2’s bread and butter. The brainchild of Stew and Dr. Tiff’s extensive research and testing. The Whole Body HIIT is the foundation of our concept, and the true test of your S2 Attitude…where Inner Athletes are born. A full-throttle, 30-minute, power-packed class. Nothing is off the table, and everything is on the line. No water breaks, no nonsense. You will leaving wanting more…but not really wanting more. It is addictive. Coupled with our Barbell and Corepower classes the HIIT is the perfect formula for metabolic adaptation and ultimate performance gains.


Yup, you got it. Arnold Schwarzenegger eat your heart out. This 30-minute, power-packed strength class is all about picking up heavy shit, moving it and doing it with proper technique and movement patterns. S2 is about TRAINING, not exercising. You will have a personalized program, and our coaches will emphasize foundational movements of Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting and general strength exercises.


Power Yoga meets Crossfit meets Meditation. This ain’t yo mama’s yoga class. This is the real deal. An integrated half hour of Mobility, Strength, Flexibility and Power. Our trainers combine the ideals of balance, functional core movements and intentional mental strength to create the ideal fat burning, muscle toning, mentally fatiguing 30 minutes you have ever experienced.