Have you ever taken one of those personality tests that categorizes you as a type of dog or an action hero? They take some answers to a slew of questions and based on your response, they tell you that you must be a French Bulldog, a Labradoodle, or surely in another life you were Kung Fu Panda. I love those things! Not because there is any science behind their algorithm, but because it’s FUN, and in some ways, you do see some truth in it, and perhaps you can even take something away from it. If the test tells you that you are a hound dog, lazing away every day in the sun, exuding a lackadaisical energy, then maybe this is something you need to think about…assuming that is not the energy you want the world to feel from you!

I love to play this game with cars. If you guys read my last post, you will know that outside of the world of nutrition and physical performance, I am a little car crazy (and CARB crazy 😊). I haven’t created any sophisticated index, but I just love to envision what a person likes, dislikes, and what their personality is based on the type of car they drive. In most cases, I believe there is a consistent correlation. Who knows if it is cart before the horse, or otherwise.

I know for me…we have two vehicles. A Mercedes Hatchback, and a Wrangler with Chrome Accents and a custom lift and off-road tires …when I hop, literally HOP into that jeep I take on a whole different personality than I do when I am driving in the Mom-cedes.

In the Mercedes, I am sophisticated, practical, and efficient. I pay attention to the details, I worry about sustainable performance, and getting the most out of my miles. My training and my fuel choices reflect that. I ALWAYS choose premium fuel, and I tune up regularly, so I can continue to perform.

Alternatively, when I am cruising topless, all caution to the wind, I am much more spontaneous. It is an anything goes mindset. The structure of a training plan, the rigidity of worrying about fuel quality, or taking rest breaks to conserve energy is not even a thought. If I can feel the sun on my skin, and the wind in my hair, I am game! Life, bring it on.

Like pets or action heroes, in many ways I feel the type of car you drive, drives your personality, your energy and your habits. I have snapped a few pics this week and have defined the architypes that I associate with certain vehicles.

Which one do you most identify with NOW, and does that describe what you aspire to embody as your performance Architype…meaning in your fitness training, your nutritional approach, your mindset, and in your daily life?


You have been around the block a time or two. At one time you were down and out. The engine had too many miles, the tires were worn and probably a little wobbly, but man it was worth it. After saving up, and prioritzing, you have invested time, energy and sweat equity into coming back better and stronger. Your value has only continued to escalate, and people stop to gauk. They want to be you when they grow up. You will never be the late model version of yourself. Yet the fully restored, older and wiser version has a new and different benefit to the road. You respect the need to ride easy, take care of your parts, and you accept your body for its history and longevity. This means you use your miles intuitively, you fuel up only when you need it, rarely overfilling the tank. You are moderate, and balanced because you know your body and what it can handle. You are a fully restored, radiant and extraordinary machine.


You go full throttle. Every chance you get, you fully embrace the desire to put the pedal to the metal. In your training, you respect the knowledge and foundation of traditional methods, but you need some flair to keep you interested, and dynamic. The motivation to take care of your body, inside and out, has an air of vanity. You want to perform, but you also want people to stop and take notice. The desire to “REV” that engine will always be deeply ingrained in your DNA. The older you get, the more you value the process, and the upkeep of your engine. You fuel your body with premium gas, because you believe in the quality of the performance it provides. But you don’t waste it on frivolous indulgences, each fill up serves a purpose, and is used to benefit your reputation, and your workload.


You know your body, yet struggle to love it. It’s a little roomier than you like, but you need the support and functionality to play your role. Unlike your mini-van cousin, you crave style and luxury. You refuse to believe that the days of others stopping to take notice are over. You like to ride in a group of likeminded others because it feels good knowing others have the same chassis. Even if you are tempted otherwise, you opt to follow flow of traffic because who has time to hit a plataeuou hate getting stuck in a rut. You are consistent, and stick to routine because others need you to be accessible, and reliable. You fuel up when needed, but often go without in an attempt to stay fuel efficient and ride lean. You find a way to prioritize your own performance, because you know without it, you will not be on the top of your game when the game is on.


PHEW, you have been through the wringer. Your body is aching, and broken…in places. You have all but given up on caring about the aesthetics of your frame, because your performance levels, and your functionality seem hopeless. Genetically you have skills, you are long, and lean. You have some junk in the trunk, but it can provide considerable power. it has just gotten a little buried beneath the shoddy paint job and the repairs that you simply have not prioritized. You want to invest, but between the torn exterior, the damaged body, and the inefficient driving performance, you just are not sure where to start. You have a history of putting low grade fuel in the tank, and it has taken its toll as well. You need a paint job, a tune up, and a short term restrictive plan to get back on a routine.


Energy conservation, and ultimate endurance are your cup of tea. You know how to maximize your fuel, you move at a slower pace, rarely hit those high levels of acceration unless absolutely essential. You venture toward lifestyle choices like hiking, yoga and long duration cardio because you know these will have the least impact of your engine, and will allow you to outlast the pack in terms of wear and tear. When it comes to fueling your body, you go agains the grain (not literally 😊), you opt for the best quality of FUEL…the cleanest, and the most sustainable. You have lived and learned, and continue to make educated and informed decisions for the best outcomes.


Seek Help Immediately.



You make a statement and people respect your position. No matter where or how you are training, it is purposeful, functional and serves a utility that will benefit your overall performance. But stature matters. You build power for a reason.

You need your body to live, and you take care of it so that it takes care of you and those that matter to you. You could get away with less, smaller, more subdued, but you are willing to invest more to achieve more.

You fuel your body with whatever is available to ensure you can get the job done, and because you burn so much energy you can get away with it.  Your goal is to leave a legacy and make an impression. You are savvy with your pocket book. Big box gyms are your wheelhouse because you are self-driven and motivated to train hard without needing others to push you to be more, stronger and better.


Personal training, executive service and the highest quality of fuel are your game. You expect the best, and if it is going to benefit your output you will pay for it. Your fuel choices are the most well-educated, researched and proven. You will go out of your way to supply your engine with the best of what is out there.

Your position of power demands that you are fully engaged mentally, and physically as others rely on your expertise and mental acuity. You work hard, and you have unbelievable power, but you know that if you let up on the gas, the momentum could change at any moment. At times you might be bull-headed and confrontational, a bit intimidating. Finding a trainer and a program that can match that confidence is difficult. You have gone through many a candidate to find the right match. Training is about allowing someone else, for a brief moment to tell you what to do, to give you a break from being behind the wheel…but you struggle to ever fully hand over the keys.


There is no “right” answer. There is not an ideal ride for everyone. But what is important is that you weigh out the pros and cons of each choice. Decide about where you are, and where you want to be…and the type of vehicle that is going to get you there. Until you determine WHERE you want to be, and the persona you want to embody in your training approach, it will be impossible to envision yourself sitting behind that wheel and controlling the performance of the engine, both from a physical standpoint, as well as the attitude, motivation, and mindset you need to truly control your destination. BE DRIVEN, or LIFE WILL DRIVE YOU.