“At age 36, I was diagnosed with a heart condition which resulted in multiple surgeries, and a pacemaker..I was always fighting…”

Total Weight Lost: 17lbs

Starting Body Fat: 33.8% Current Percent Body Fat: 18.3

BIGGEST VICTORY: Confidently Training, pushing performance thresholds and feeling like an athlete again.

When I started at S2 four months ago, I was a bit of a mess.

I had always been athletic growing up, and considered myself a pretty healthy eater, so staying fit wasn’t much of a struggle.
But 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart condition which led to several surgeries and resulted in a pacemaker.  Working out made me anxious, so I stuck to low impact exercises and tried not to push myself too hard.  After my first baby, I was able to lose most of the weight, but my nutrition was never consistent and I had a hard time keeping it off.  I felt like I was always fighting those “last 10 pounds”.

*When I started at S2, it was 6 months after having my second baby and three months after another pacemaker surgery.  My pregnancy had left me with an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and the last surgery made me more anxious than ever to work out.  I was 20 pounds overweight and felt defeated.  The “old” me – the fit and healthy and happy me – felt unattainable.  Food had become my enemy, and I couldn’t imagine ever feeling confident about a high intensity work out again.

I wish I could say that I went into it all feeling hopeful and encouraged, but I didn’t.  I was certain that no one was going to be able to work through my heart issues with me – most of the doctors who have seen me over the last 10 years have been baffled.  And I had no confidence in myself that I could control my eating.  I left my first consultation with Dr. Tiff and Stewart, drove immediately home and downed a pint of ice cream.  But then the next day, I started their program and it all changed.

*Tiff worked hard to help me find a balance in my diet to help curb my cravings, and logging everything I ate kept me accountable.  And because I was still nursing the baby, we had to come up with creative ways to keep my nutrition nursing friendly so that my supply didn’t drastically go down as I started losing weight.  Every day she would review my food logs and send me encouragement and helpful tips to stay on track.  Within a week, most of my cravings were gone and I had a much easier time making mindful choices about what I was eating.

*Stewart has completely changed the way I look at training.  Because we wear heart monitors in class, I am able to always see exactly what my heart rate is which has given me a new found confidence about working out.  But more than that, Stewart has reignited a desire in me to push myself hard, knowing that he always keeps a close eye on my heart rate and will pull me back a bit if he feels like it’s too much.  I’m amazed to have found someone who is so dedicated to tailoring my training to accommodate my physical limitations, which often change from day to day, while always pushing me to my limit.

emily-after2*Thanks to Dr. Tiff and Stewart, I have lost 17 pounds and am seeing muscles again that have been hiding for years.  I went from 33 percent body fat to 18%.  But more importantly, I feel so much stronger, healthier and so much more confident than ever before.  I’m excited to train every single day, and it shows up every time I step on the scale.  I can’t say enough good things about my experience with S2. They’ve been a life changer.