Meet Vinnie

Musician. Family Man. Low Carb Convert.

Total Weight Lost: 100lbs

Starting Weight (with S2): 245     Current Weight: 213

Starting Percent Body Fat: 23.4% Current Percent Body Fat: 13%

I’ve always struggled with weight and body image. I remember it back to elementary school when I had to shop in the “husky” boys section for clothes. Lost and maintained through HS and gained the Freshman 50. Lost again through vigorous exercise and strict diet. After college bounced up and down with various fad diets and exercise. Late 20’s got really heavy and again yo-yo’ed.

Got married and got real big. June of 1999 I was 313 and my physician.told me I was going to die if I didn’t lose the weight. Got a divorce and started my journey toward being a better man and human. Closely watched my diet and did Yoga for a year. Lost 35lbs. Started training for a sprint triathlon and finished a year later. Lost another 35lbs. Stayed around 245-255 for 8 years while I lifted heavy and did moderate cardio. Tried low-carb on several occasions. It worked but as I would drift back to eating carbs the weight would come back. Still maintained a very solid body and weight for the next 8 or so years and got super burned out at the 6 day week grind of the YMCA. Got back up to 265. Started riding a bicycle about a year later and again went low carb. Lost down to 225-230 and stayed for a couple years. The low carb diet is not sustainable for me long term. Try riding 60 miles with no fuel. Riding for 5-6 years 4000-7000 miles a year. Frustrated because I couldn’t get that last 25-30 off. I knew it had to be food I enjoyed and a life I wanted to live.

A good friend introduced my to Dr. Tiff and S2 Performance. I started the program and have logged my food and counted my macros for 530 consecutive days. Lost 30 plus and maintain between 210-215 with a body fat of 13%. Still riding 100 plus miles a week. This is not a “diet”! It really is a sustainable lifestyle change and something I can count on for the rest of my life. The numbers, “bank account” and nothing’s off the table concept really appeals to my personality. Dr.T provides perfect accountability and coaching until you grow into the program. Easy to understand and apply to my life. Best time and money I’ve ever spent on myself! I couldn’t recommend this any higher!


I play trumpet for a living in the studio and on tour. This program helps me to manage my intake when time and travel make eating healthy nearly impossible. For me the balance of being prepared, active and carefully monitoring my intake are crucial for success. Dr. Tiff gave me the tools to make permanent changes in my life.