Blog imageWe have tried every combination in the book adding a little more of this, changing up the dosage ever so slightly or even drastically at times, in an attempt to create the perfect recipe for performance success. Over the past 18 months, Stewart and I have been in the incubator. One of the Nation’s most active, fit and health savvy states, Colorado. A plethora of outdoor activities, beautiful desert climate with low humidity, and countless sunny days. During our time here we have had our eyes and ears open wide. What is happening in one of the healthiest states in the country and what can we add to that formula to create the Ultimate Recipe for success.

We have found it. We have fine-tuned the skills and craft that we have always known is effective high touch, quality instruction built on strong customer service and relationships oh, and SCIENCE. We no longer rely on assumptions, intuition and guessing. In the data-driven world we now live in, why would we continue wasting time estimating calories, estimating how much cardio vs. strength training you need and at what intensity levels clients will reap the greatest reward. The technology exists so that we can pinpoint these numbers with high levels of accuracy and predict change. Peak performance is about so much more than hitting the gym every day and putting in your 60 minutes on the treadmill. We can dial you in!

Have you noticed that marathon cardio sessions do not often get you the results you want. Sure, you will be able to run for hours without getting fatigued, but your knees and joints will be shot, your upper body will be starved for attention, and your are likely gaining fat even if you are losing weight (e.g., muscle). We build athletes. Not just competitors who are training for an ironman, or prepping for their next season, but everyday athletes. I believe everyone is an athlete. We all have physical goals, and performance capabilities we have never thought of tapping into. What would you do if you could accomplish any physical feat without injury and while transforming your body into the performance machine you have always sought. We want to change the perspective of what it means to be fit Our goal is to empower clients to be resilient, confident athletes, ready for anything life throws their way. Together we can transform your body and your mindset into the fat burning machine you have always wanted.