Woke up to another cloudy day at the beach today, finished a workout and then turned on the boob tube only to find the typical Sunday morning line-up sermons, cartoons and the great infomercial. Only this time I actually stopped to watch the latest ‘But wait there’s more’ concept. P90X3. You have probably seen the p90X model. 60 minutes of High Intensity training which is unattainable and unnecessary for most people. This is their latest iteration. The 30 Minute Workout. Now, I am still not completely sold on the extremity of their success stories. Especially when in no case is there any mention of the diets and constant microscope these individuals may have been under to achieve such amazing results. I am not saying it does not work, but I would like to know the rest of the story what did they eat, how much stress are they under, do they have families/jobs, etc. However, there are many aspects of their approach that I do buy into 100%, and can only hope to replicate in the fitness market.

1) The High Intensity Workout. We all know the benefits of the HIIT interval by now or if you don’t, you should. The ability to burn significantly more calories, enhance your metabolic efficiency, and enjoy the afterburn effect that is only possible with High Intensity Interval style training is no secret. Sure, we need lower intensity, fat burning days, and we need flexibility, recovery and progression. BUT, bottom line the harder you work, the more calories you will burn in a given time period.

2) The whole body, cardio/strength combo. You HAVE to train every component of fitness to ultimate results. If you are a Cardio Queen (or king) then you might be able to outlast Forrest Gump but let’s only hope you don’t have to lift anything heavy and don’t expect to retain any muscle along the way unless you are willing to supplement with protein, which most people prefer not to do. More muscle = Higher metabolism. Don’t be afraid to build muscle and sure, you need to hit the cardio through the week as well.

3) HALF HOUR!! The number one excuse for not exercising among our sedentary population isNot Enough Time. No one, and I will say it again NO ONE is so busy that they cannot find 30 minutes to exercise. I will argue that if we all wrote out our day by the minute and looked at where we spend our time. If we put down the phone, turned off the computer, woke up a little earlier, or took a shorter lunch we would find that half hour we need to get max results. Here is why I think the half hour works much of it is psychological.

  • It feels more doable (i.e., less intimidating for beginners or those who are just not inclined to like exercise)
  • When you only have 30 minutes you push harder a larger percentage of the time!
  • Because you work harder, you get greater benefit, faster results and higher motivation
  • You don’t burn muscle!! If you exercised at 85-90% max intensity for an hour, most of us would burn through all our energy stores (Glycogen(carbs), Fat, and Protein) and the only thing left is existing protein in our muscle tissue.

This leads to overtraining, potential injury, and most importantly loss of lean muscle (METABOLISM) if you want to train with HIIT, a half hour is AMAZING. Time efficient, calorie intense and results driven.

Of course let’s not forget nutrition and positive mindset. The other, equally essential variables in performance success. Dial these three in and you will be in ridiculous shape and feel great too. Don’t you want to look as good as you feel AND feel as good as you look. I do.