What does a mom of five do when she wants to get into shape?  Of course, I don’t just say, “okay, let’s get in mom shape”. Instead I decide, “I know! I’ll arm wrestle a gorilla in my 5’1 glory and think I can win!”. That’s my idea of in shape.

And so it goes. I decide to become a bikini competitor.  No…. really…. that is where I was at when I met Stew and Dr. Tiff in the summer of 2017.  I was prepping for my second competition and struggling to lean out.  I’m petite and was blessed with an ectomorphic body type.  I stay small and trim, but can still have a deceivingly high body fat percentage.  Putting muscle on my frame is hard.  I want to burn it off naturally.  That isn’t good for a gorilla wrestler😊, or bikini competitor.  What I do have in my corner is discipline and commitment. I am a doer.  A rule follower.  This often to a fault. When I walked in to S2 Performance, I was putting in 2, sometimes three hours a day lifting weights, doing two a day cardio sessions, and following a traditional meal plan for competitors. This meant low carb, high protein, limited choices. All the while trying to raise 5 kids, be a wife, and have any sort of life outside the gym if that was even possible.

To add more limitations and restriction, I have celiac disease, and a super-sensitive digestive tract to boot.  My difficulty digesting foods and looking for a new approach to contest prep is what helped me find StudiO2.  I was immediately drawn to Stew and Tiff, this dynamic duo who quickly diagnosed the root of my nutrition and training breakdowns.  I knew I was mentally strong enough to be a competitor.  I also had the physical capability and drive, but my body was not cooperating.  I quickly signed on to see if these two could follow through with the results they thought possible.  8 months later, I am in the gum no more than 1-hour a day, 6 days a week. You won’t catch me dead on cardio, and I NEVER do two a days. Heaven.

From a nutrition standpoint, Tiffany has me eating more food than I ever have, and my digestive issues have calmed down significantly.  I rolled into my second competition in October 2017, placing 3rd in my classes, qualifying for nationals, and doing ZERO cardio to drop to about 13% body fat.  For a chick, let alone a mom in her 30’s…that is some magic.  I know, given more time, Stew and Tiff will continue to improve my physical well being along with my competitive spirit.  Stew has slowly been adding muscle to my frame and fixing my muscle firing idiosyncrasies.  Tiff has my macros dialed in to get exactly the results the 3 of us are wanting to achieve at any given time.  She has pushed me to expand my variety of foods and stays on my muscle recovery and energy output during my training.  In my off season, I am maintaining a healthy, lean body fat while doing different training cycles to provide me with maximum muscle growth benefit.  I look and feel stronger than I ever have.  I overall just feel better.  I am not fighting constant fatigue and inflammation.  These two have done so much for me.  They quickly dove into to my desire to be my best and helped me figure out how to get there, even when that entailed having my booty judged in a bedazzled sling shot on a stage.  StudiO2 has quickly become my home.  Even in moments of personal strife the brief time they have known me, they have been rocks of support.  To close out, if you are reading this and have not reached out to them to help you achieve the best physical version of you, you are an idiot.  No one wants to be an idiot, right?  Do what they tell you and you won’t be disappointed.  You will be looking and feeling better in no time.  I’m serious. Email them now.