1. Hacking Strength, Part III: Manipulating Workload (aka, Volume) for Greater Gains

    When it comes to putting on lean muscle and increasing strength nothing is more essential than a consistent increase in quantity and quality of training volume. Training volume is invaluable due to the fact that volume is the summation of all elements of your training program including: Reps Sets Exercise type Training frequency (sessions completed) Accumulating greater, more intense levels of vol…Read More

  2. Hacking Strength: Part II, Metabolism and Energy Systems

    In addition to the complexities of the metabolism, the body also has multiple human energy systems. Much like NASCAR, Formula 1 or drag racers rely on different types of engines and fuel to maximize performance, the body uses certain types of fuel for short, powerful bursts of energy and a completely different fuel source for long term endurance events. Think Powerlifter vs. Ultra-Marathoner. The …Read More

  3. Hacking Strength: Part I, The Effect of Strength Training on Metabolic Processes

    People become mesmerized by what they can see and touch. They tend to ignore what lies hidden beneath the surface. We focus on the outside, the big picture, rarely on the inside or the intangible. Never has this been truer than with strength training. Our obsession with the tangible becomes blatantly apparent through the laundry list of questions I get on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorit…Read More

  4. Hacking Strength – Effective Strength Training Success Bought With Sweat Equity

    This is the first in a series by Stewart Breeding CPT, CES, PES Click below to see a short video intro to the Hacking Strength series. https://youtu.be/ZvsXyk-tLxw Click here to get a copy of Biohacker.   Now... read on for more info! Seems like every freak’n time I check in on Facebook I’m bombarded with the latest, greatest strength training routines. Almost as hilarious as the programs th…Read More

  5. How To Maximize Your Workout With Metabolic Testing

    Whether you’re brand new to working out, or you’ve been reaping the benefits of a personal trainer for years, metabolic testing is a great way to get the most out of your workouts and aerobic activity. At StudiO2 Performance in Nashville, we understand that everyone’s fitness goals are different, which is why we take a customized approach with each and every one of our fitness clients. In or…Read More

  6. The Importance of Metabolism & How To Increase Yours

    If you’re currently struggling to reach your weight-loss goals, it could be due to your metabolism. While there are a variety of formulas and tools to help you determine what your metabolic rate may be, understanding your personal metabolism can be difficult because it is highly different from person to person. At StudiO2 in Nashville, we offer metabolic testing and body composition analysis to …Read More

  7. 7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism & Lose Weight

    If you’ve been struggling to shed those winter pounds and you’re growing more and more concerned about bikini season, consider looking for ways to speed up your metabolism. At StudiO2 Performance in Nashville, we take a science-based approach to workouts by taking a keen interest in each of our fitness clients’ metabolism so they can achieve the weight loss goals and fitness results they’v…Read More

  8. The Benefits Of Joining A HIIT Program

    If you’re among the thousands of Nashville residents who struggle to make it to the gym every morning, it’s important to know you’re not alone. It can be challenging to carve out 30 minutes of your day to exercise, especially if you have a full-time job, children and a laundry list of things to do. At StudiO2 Performance, we offer 30-minute workouts with high intensity interval training (HII…Read More

  9. The Top 3 Reasons You Should Join A Group Fitness Class

    If you’re a relatively new gym rat, it can be intimidating walking into a gym alone, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the workout equipment. Without the help of a personal trainer, you may never learn how to properly execute those bicep curls and lateral lunges, not to mention, you could seriously injure yourself trying to learn alone. Instead of making those lonesome trips to the gym for …Read More

  10. Is High Intensity Interval Training Right For You?

    If you ever played team sports as a child, there’s a good chance your coach utilized interval training to quickly get you and your teammates in shape. From basketball players to sprinters, interval training has been used across several sports industries to strengthen athlete’s overall physical endurance and speed. At Studio 2 Performance in Nashville, we’re proud to offer a variety of high i…Read More