At StudiO2 we don’t do excuses, we don’t do “next week”, we don’t except “life got in the way”. This is LIFE, right?! The key to setting any achievable goal is it possible within the parameters of our available resources, support and commitment level.

If we constantly say to ourselves, “Well, I was traveling so I just couldn’t workout”, or “I had family in town so I had to eat out every meal” then you will simply never catch up. If your life is like ours (and most people’s!), there is rarely a span of 10 days that someone doesn’t have a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or there’s not another weekend of travel looming. You have to figure out how to make your goals fit into your lifestyle. Part of this means prioritizing, planning and being willing to be a little selfish. If those around you are a solid support network, they will understand. The other piece of the equation is simply not falling into patterns of what is easy. Sure, it is easy to say, “I didn’t pick this restaurant” but do you have to then order the worst thing on the menu? I would argue no one forced you to do that. Alternatively, how about…ok, here I am in this situation that I would not have chosen, how do I use what I have learned, and rely on my willpower to push through and make the best choices possible. Growth is in facing “hard” and winning. 

If you want to make a commitment in 2015, and if you are sick of letting life revolve around excuses as to why this is not a good time for you to get in the best shape of your life, let us help!