Meet Chris and Lisa Holmes


Married 20 years, Parents to 2 teenage boys, Workaholics, Self-Proclaimed Foodies


Lisa’s Story

Starting Weight: 177 lbs.    Current Weight: 147 lbs

In 1996, I got pregnant with my 1st child and gained 45 lbs. This was the beginning of the vicious cycle. I was just never able to get the baby weight off, and keep it off.  I would lose a few lbs. here and there – doing Jazzercise, Weight Watchers, and joining the YMCA. As hard as I tried, nothing seemed to change.   I was fed up.

Finally, in January 2015, I began working with Stew – I thought, “I’ll do it for a month see what it is like.” After my first week, I was HOOKED. *I loved that is was only 30 minutes, it was high intensity training, and made me sweat.  And the encouragement from Stew stuck with me throughout the day which kept me mindful and motivated.

Chris’ Story

Starting Weight 272  Current Weight  242

*As a professional Chef (, I spend my days in the kitchen. It is a constant and natural habit to graze and pick…I have to test my food, right?!  I would try the Y, hop on the elliptical, check the “box” and think I was getting it done. I realized as the weight kept trickling on, that I needed a more customized and one on one program. Due to some previous back injuries and limitations, I began personal training with Stew in July 2015.  Learning how to squat, do a push up, and even just run the RIGHT and SAFE way was a game changer. The weight starting falling off. I felt strong, I was in less pain. I had never felt better.

Team Holmes

As we started to see physical changes in our bodies, and our performance, we knew that it was time to commit to nutrition.  A lot of people thought that since Chris was a chef that we ate gourmet, high calorie meals all the time.  We actually thought we were eating healthy because we used fresh, “clean” ingredients, and cooked many of our own meals.  We know a lot about food, but what we didn’t know was the science of proper performance nutrition. *With Dr. Tiff’s help we started to pay more attention to things like getting enough protein or just eating for fuel based on the amount of activity we were getting through the day. Between Chris and I, we are often on our feet 10-12 hours a day, logging over 20,000 steps. Once we learned about meal balance, spacing, and the importance of eating to fuel our bodies, the results were instant.

*Over the course of our journey, there have been days when we want to hit snooze, there have been days when we want to scrap our meal plan and hit the Mexican joint for a margarita. Then we look at each other, and our boys and remember why we are doing this. This is a new lifestyle. This is a new perspective for ourselves and our family. Thanks to Stew and Tiff we have found a way to balance our business, relationships, family responsibilities and our health.