In May of 2014, I started my personal journey to break out of the proverbial chains that left me feeling restricted and physically and mentally exhausted. I continued to reduce calories and increase my training load only to find myself gradually and consistently getting fatter. As this process continued, I pushed the envelope further and further in the wrong direction. Cut more food, added more marathon cardio…more is better, right?! And it is calories in calories out…so if I eat less and burn more I have to lose weight!? As an educated, competent and dedicated health and fitness professional, I felt frustrated, lost and tirelessly searching for answers. This was not only for myself, but for so many clients who came to me with similar experiences. How can I be training my ass off, eating next to nothing and still gaining weight!?

Many of you read and commented on the beginning stages of my journey, Eat More, Exercise Less which chronicled my journey from cut throat dieting (low carb, 1200 calories), and over exercising (7 days a week, 90 minutes a day…sometime two sessions a day) to a flexible diet (190g carbs, 125g protein, 40g fat) and 30 minutes of training 6 days a week..I began to see my body change. For the first time in over 18 months, the scale and my body composition were responding! Oh the freedom and motivation that comes with seeing all your efforts actually be reflected in results.

My journey did not stop there. In November, 2014, Stewart and I opened StudiO2, a Concierge Fitness and Nutrition studio in Nashville. We wanted to share with others what we knew to be the most effective and sustainable methods in weight loss, and performance. Since that time, I have consistently been participating in our 5:30am 30 MINUTE HIIT class…yep, 30 Minutes! It is a super-charged, heart rate based class that takes you to your thresholds EVERY time. Seeing my heart rate on the screen and knowing that even when I feel like I am pushing, I still have more in the tank takes my workout to whole other level. Pushing those limits 3 days a week, and combining that with lower intensity intervals 3 days a week has created the PERFECT combination of output, recovery and whole body transformation. I know I may be biased, but perhaps these pictures will tell a better story.

This was me in May 2014:

2014-05-21 09.23.07

This is me today, March 2015 after 4 months of training with Stew and continuing to follow my nutrition plan.


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I look in the mirror and actually love my arms for the first time in my life. The transformation I have seen since adhering to the S2 model of training and nutrition is undeniable, if you work the program. Just like with any experience, you get out of it what you are willing to put in. This is the impact of consistent, effective and individualized programming. Not overtraining, not under training, not restricting calories or yo yo dieting, but committing to a consistent process.