I am living the reality of this concept…eat more, exercise less. Now please do not take this phrase and generalize this to all people, in all situations. Moreover, do not use this as an excuse to walk your dog 3 times a week and eat Chinese takeout whenever you have the urge.  The purpose of this post, and the education that I have gained around this approach to performance gains is to enlighten readers to the fact that more is not always better, and in many cases it is more detrimental to your overall performance goals than working out less intensely, and restricting less.

From the time Stewart and I moved to Colorado in November, 2012, I have been in a massive stalemate. My weight has been slowly inching upwards, though not enough for me to think it was anything clinical or lifestyle related. I was eating clean…whole grains, healthy fats, lean proteins. Nothing different than I ever had. My training was solid. I was still hitting the gym 6 days a week, getting outside to hike, walk, run whenever the weather permitted. WHAT GIVES. Sure, I turned 30 a few years ago. Everyone told me my body would change, perhaps this is just the reality. I was not willing to accept that. I was determined to see results, whatever it took. I started researching, reading, digging into my education to understand how and why my body was not adapting no matter what I tried.

I ate less carbs, did more cardio…nothing. I lifted heavier, ate more protein (gained muscle, but lost no fat, changed no body composition numbers), I tried carb cycling. It worked briefly but no one can live on 20% carbs  for more than a week…at least if they expect anyone around them to put up with the mood swings. And so here I was…looking myself in the mirror and thinking what would you tell a client who was in this situation. We all know every good therapist needs a therapist. I needed someone to coach me, teach me, hold me accountable to my own advice. I had to be honest and realistic about what I had done and was doing to my body.

Training 1-2 hours a day…MAYBE taking one day off or convincing myself that 60 minutes of Yoga was a rest day. Eating less than 1500 calories a day…usually less than 100g of carbs a day. Stressed out daily about the fact that my body was not where I wanted it to be. And I could not see why nothing was changing. Amazing how we can pull the wool over our eyes when we don’t like what the universe is telling us. Bottom Line:

I was chronically overtrained, and under eating. My metabolism was shutting down because it needed every ounce of energy it was being fed, and my muscles were so depleted and worn out they could not have burned an any fat if they wanted to. 

As soon as we moved back to Nashville, we headed to the beach. I promised myself I was going to make a change when I got back. I promised myself that I could never truly help anyone until I was willing to be honest with myself, and learn from the technology and methodologies we are about to release to the world. On May 16, I started my journey. With the help of amazing family, friends and colleagues…my husband, Stewart Breeding who is the most talented trainer and coach I know, and Championship Fitness Competitor Tyler Mayer, I jumped in feet first and became my own test case. My mission, a healthier, sustainable, and NO BULLSHIT approach to results.

Week 1: (don’t mind the scowl, I was staring right at the sun :))

2014-05-21 09.23.07

  • 124lbs
  • 16% Body Fat
  • Daily Carb Intake: Less than 100g on average

Weekly Exercise:

  • 3 x 60-75 minutes cardio
  • 2 x 60 minute HIIT or weights
  • 1 x 90 minute cardio

I am now part way into week 5…

2014-06-12 05.57.01

  • 118lbs
  • 13.5% Bodyfat
  • Daily Carb Intake: 150-240g (I started at 190g daily and have dropped to 150g, with one high intake of 240g)

Weekly Exercise

  • 3 x 30 Minute HIIT
  • 2 x 30 min Steady State Cardio @ HR of 140
  • 1 x Whole Body Weights

I am not even half way through my 12 week journey and I have already lost 6 lbs and 3% bodyfat. All this while eating twice as much, and exercising half as much.

We have realized that our conceptualization of StudiO2 (coming the Nashville this Fall!!), and our understanding of training SMART is a reality. If I can see these types of results in 5 weeks, at my weight and my body composition, just imagine what someone who is looking for more significant changes can experience. The leaner, and closer to your goal you are the harder it is to see movement. I am seeing ridiculous results. You don’t need to guess your way to success anymore, you don’t need to train yourself into the ground and deny your body the nutrients it needs. You just have to know the right combination, and you have to be willing to look in the mirror and say…THIS is not working, I need to change my approach or my body will never respond.  Let’s Get started on the NO BS Diet today.