When-communicating-the-devil-is-in-the-detailsOne of my goals at The Diet Doc Nashville, aside from providing clients the most high-touch, concierge nutrition coaching in Nashville, is teaching them to be their own dietitian. Sure, it would be great for business to have clients continuously renew coaching packages and feel like they “need” me forever, but this is just not part of my model. My philosophy is about education, support and developing strategies that will lead to long term success. Your success is inevitably going to lead to my success as a coach, and as a thriving business. In order to achieve this goal, you have to learn to self evaluate! You have to learn to assess intake, just like I assess your journals and food logs EVERYDAY!

What are the red flags that can sabotage a days’ intake?

“If I had just logged that breakfast before I ate it, I could have cut the serving of oatmeal in half and then I would have had room for the chips at lunch!

How do I know when something looks amiss, and I have not logged accurately?

If you glance back at your entries for the day, and you see that your omelette, or the chicken breast you had for dinner is showing “0” protein, you probably chose an inaccurate entry from the database. 2 or three of these mistakes through the week can really add up in terms of your overall intake! Imagine if you logged 20 extra carbs each day for a week…that’s 560 calories a week over budget.

What choices am I making throughout the day that may be leading to potential challenges at the end of the…for example, “Shoot, I have tons of carbs and protein left, but I am out of fat. What do I do?”

If you can learn to answer, or at least NOTICE some of these common issues with daily food intake and decision making then you will quickly make adjustments that will lead to more consistent, more accurate daily consumption and hitting your macro nutrient values.

The old adage “Write it before you bite it” is NOT dead, but is the absolute NUMBER ONE way that you will be most successful. If you just rely on luck, fate, guesswork, estimations to hit those numbers then you will be right where you started…afterall, if you could hit those numbers without preparation, planning and strategies then you would not be in the position to need coaching and support in the first place. Sure, it is tedious, takes time in advance and can often be frustrating when you really want something and you plug it in only to realize you are faced with reality. It doesn’t fit. BUT, at least you are now in a position to make the conscious decision to eat or not to eat. The guilt and regret will be much less than if you just eat willy-nilly, then log everything and realize you were way off the radar.

The Devil is in the Details, and food logging and nutrition is no different. The more obsessive and over the top you are in the beginning, the more progress you will make, and the quicker you will be in a position to start weaning off the logging and moving into maintenance. I use a similar strategy when I am running…the faster I run now, the sooner this will be over!