In my work life, I lead a team and get client buy-in on strategy, implement the plan, and while in progress, focus, practice patience and stay the course. Which really is the secret to success; taking risks others will not and sticking to the plan for a really, really long time. It’s funny how this is not only true in business, but also in life. Focus, consistency and patience. It’s especially true in training and nutrition.

In my twenties, I exercised to get ready for swimsuit season. Later, I exercised to get off the baby weight. I fluctuated weight and worked out sporadically, with no sustainable practice, long-term goals or real focus, other than how I looked. And I really enjoyed going into the gym and zoning out for an hour. I told myself watching reality TV was ok if I was on the bike or stairclimber.

In the last year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to have more energy and feel good inside and out. I want my results to reflect how I think and feel, my discipline and what I’m capable of doing.  Around this time, I went to the doctor and she said with my BMI/weight and my activity level, I was fine & doing better than most the population. And I reflected on that conversation. I decided I want to do better than average. I don’t want to be the same as Joe Smoe, that I want to do hard things and feel proud of them. I want to impress myself. And at that point, I was just not impressed.

And that’s where S2 comes in. Seeing my friend Eleanor’s commitment and transformation taught me it was possible to focus, be consistent and practice patience, plus move my ass. Stew and Dr.Tiff transformed how I thought about fitness and food.

I had to practice mindfulness and focus on each exercise, push my strength and really pay attention to form. Even with 5 other clients in a class, Stew saw every issue with form and walked me through how to lift and work out properly. He is a genius at training technique.

Dr.Tiff’s program challenged what I thought about healthy eating. She provided a new way to make meals and eat out, with lots of freedom for food choices. I hadn’t realized how much fat I was eating with loaded salads even though most the ingredients are healthy (just not all at once). She is helpful with tempering expectations and learning to eat within a busy schedule, grabbing food on the go, and making better choices when it comes to higher protein and less fat.

As I am starting to accomplish goals in my health and wellness, it’s bleeding over into the rest of my life; excellence as a habit, finding out what I’m made of, raising my expectations of myself and building confidence.

I don’t remember these things everyday and I’m not motivated every day. There are days when I just can’t. But it’s the long game and not quitting is what matters. And I start again each day. I focus, stay consistent and practice patience. And move my ass.