1. Super Mom-ica

    What does a mom of five do when she wants to get into shape?  Of course, I don’t just say, “okay, let’s get in mom shape”. Instead I decide, “I know! I’ll arm wrestle a gorilla in my 5’1 glory and think I can win!”. That’s my idea of in shape. And so it goes. I decide to become a bikini competitor.  No…. really…. that is where I was at when I met Stew and Dr. Tiff in the su…Read More

  2. Macro Mayhem: When You Run Out of Those Precious Macros

    MACRO MAYHEM   How to stick to your plan when macros have been maxed out. We’ve all been there. It’s the end of the day, time for a last meal, but we’ve used up the our daily allotment of one of our macronutrients. Whether forgetting to log food intake throughout the day or splurging on that piece of cake during Janet’s birthday celebration at the office, the consequences are rolling in l…Read More

  3. Macro-Friendly Recipe Swap

    Tips & Tricks for Macro-Friendly Alternatives to Crowd Favs Jenny Bender, S2 Badass Intern Busy schedules equal less time for meal preparation and more quick, take-out temptations. However, whipping up cuisine in your own kitchen can help you stretch your macros by allowing complete control over the ingredients in your recipes. Cooking dinners and packing lunches will help spare you from cons…Read More

  4. The RunDown on Carbing-Up

    The Rundown on Carb-ing Up Dr. Tiff and Jennifer Bender, MS Candidate (Yay!) We live in a fast-paced world where every little thing seems to be pressing or immediate. Work, school, and the media operates on a “right now” schedule. It requires a high-energy drive to keep up with these demands. Where does this readily accessible energy come from? The answer is all three macronutrients: carbohydr…Read More

  5. Hacking Strength, Part VII: The Intermediate Strength Athlete

    The Intermediate Strength Athlete Last week’s blog covered the ins and outs of the Beginner or novice strength athlete. This week I want to speak to those intermediate athletes looking to take it up a notch. While there are no distinct lines or a moment in time that separate the beginning strength athlete from the intermediate, there are programming considerations which help differentiate the tw…Read More

  6. Hacking Strength: Part VI, The Beginner Strength Athlete

    This past year, I released my second book, The Biohacker Among the copious amounts of information found in the book is the thoughtful pursuit of strength training for beginners. Beginning Strength Athletes Should Focus on Three Key Areas: Correcting muscular imbalances Increasing workload and conditioning known as general physical preparedness (GPP) Acquiring stability strength Assessing and Corre…Read More