1. Brain Farts and Strength Gains

    As a coach, my primary responsibility is the ABC’s of training “always be correcting, always be coaching”. I practice this not only to prioritize the safety of my clients, but for something much more important. The emphasis I place on proper form and function of exercises was born from decades of classical martial art’s study. Over time, this approach found its way into how I practice and …Read More

  2. Hacking Strength – Effective Strength Training Success Bought With Sweat Equity

    This is the first in a series by Stewart Breeding CPT, CES, PES Click below to see a short video intro to the Hacking Strength series. https://youtu.be/ZvsXyk-tLxw Click here to get a copy of Biohacker.   Now... read on for more info! Seems like every freak’n time I check in on Facebook I’m bombarded with the latest, greatest strength training routines. Almost as hilarious as the programs th…Read More